Well lets see here......So we got back into Motorcycle riding a few years back, I had rode dirt bikes and motorcycles growing up but with getting married and having kids at a young age and trying to run a business, owning one just wasn't in the stars. I was able to borrow a bike from a friend and a brother in-law now and then and even did some horse trading for an old 81 CB750K but got rid of it. Finally the day came where I just had to have another one of my own.
Looking on line I found a neighbor very close by selling a 1998 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100 for cheap, and with my wife and kids out of state visit in-laws I knew I just had too do it.
So I got my bike then we had to get my son one.... Fun little 1988 GS250 all stock then we bobbed it.

Then Kyle out grew the little 250....

Loved the 1100 Honda Shadow Spirit! but after a few years and stopping by the Harley Shop, I fell in love again...This time a 2009 Harley Fatboy and my son Kyle got a 1986 Honda Shadow 450

So after adding a little here and there I now have a Fatboy that wants to be a Streetglide