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So the old 79 Dodge had a rear tire blow out and did a little damage that we are repairing. In the meantime we picked up a newer RV.

Easy Wifi/4g for on the road!

So after reading many articles about how and what to install in your RV for internet on the road, I found an inexpensive solution that works for us. Our main cellular provider is GCI that allows us to add up to 10 devices on our plan at a cost of $20 each ($27 after fed taxes and fees). Although they say it's unlimited they do say there might be a speed decrease after 34gigs if being used on a busy cell tower. So far we have never experienced the slow down.

I purchased a NETGEAR 4G LTE Broadband Modem LB1120 from Amazon, it was $105.99 at the time, inserted a GCI sim card and there i was up and running with my laptop plugged directly into the modem. The cell tower signal came in good, just as it would on a cellphone in your house but i wanted to make it a little better so i installed the Netgear 6000450 MIMO 3db Antenna, also from Amazon for a cost of $40. The cell tower reception is great!

With so many things in the RV being wifi capable, I went and added a Asus AC1900 Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router for $140.

Hooked to the Netgear Modem it works perfect and provides wifi coverage way farther than what i need it too.

The nice thing about adding the Asus router is if your parked somewhere that has free wifi available, with one simple click in the router software you can go from Router to Repeater, in repeater mode the router is powerful enough to pull in a weak wifi signal and boost it. This works great when parked at our own house or parked in say....Home Depots parking lot.

Also on the ASUS router it is possible to plug your cellphone directly into it and enable 4g mode in the router software, eliminating the need for the Netgear 4g modem. I am using the Netgear 4g modem for the external antennas that help bring in the weaker 4g tower signals.

When way out of town and in between cell tower locations an external 7/9dBi Yagi Antenna Wide Band Directional Antenna (also amazon $28) and SMA -TS9 Adapter SMA Female to Y Type 2 X TS9 Male ($6 Amazon) is used to pull in the distant cell tower signals.

With the 4g network we are able to stream without any lag or buffering on 2 tvs at the same time and 2 laptops surfing the web and email.

All the standard apps seem to work just fine,netflix/sling/hulu/amazon video/pluto and many more.

Speed seems plenty for us :)

Have added a Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 to the mix also now. Rather than switching the router back and forth, we enabled dual wan. The NanoStation is the primary and the 4g is the fallback. Works great, the NanoStation picks up wifi spots miles away. $86 on Amazon