2000 Fleetwood Flair

Well a very good friend of ours gave us a smoking deal this year on a 2000 Fleetwood Flair 32V. I almost put 5KDEAL on the plates!

It's a 33 foot with the Triton 6.8 V10, with dual slide outs and all the beeps bells and whistles.

This rig had 35k on it and the tires date code said they were 1999 but looked brand new, ORIGINAL GOODYEARS ! lol

Took it immediately to the local tire shop and had Daytons put on it, wow what a difference!

Doing little things to it to get it ready for this summer, but there wasn't really much to do.

8/10/2020 Right front body mount broken, need to weld it up, i think that has a lot to do with the column moving around.

I did the CHF on the front sway bar before installing the Firestone airbags, I can feel EVERY crack in the road through the steering column, it feels violent although if you let go of the wheel the coach feels like its smooth as can be. With the airbags installed now i might try the sway bar in the original location and see if it mellows out the steering column a bit, not going to hold my breath on this one lol.

8/3/2020 Used the hot water this weekend running just the electric element, works great !!!

Update: 7/28/2020 Installed Camco electric heating element in the water tank heater. Amazing how fast the 425w element can heat up the 6 gallon tank! IT will be nice to have hot water all the time without using up the propane:)

Up front I installed a TCL 40" Roku smart tv and a 26" in the bedroom. Installed our wifi/4g network setup.

LED lights throughout.

SCF Tuner!!!! ohhhh my what a difference!

EEZTIRE monitor system, love it !!

It already has an Onan 5500 watt generator on board, but it didn't have an inverter, so I installed a 2000 watt Krieger.

Ok so now new Bilstein Shocks, did the CHF on the front sway bar, had Dayton D520S tires installed.

Installed Firestone airbags on the front and running them at 50lbs of air, BIG improvement! anyone with an F53 chassis needs to put airbags on the front!

Kicking back at Centennial Park, one of our local parks. Nice quiet place close to home for those weekends when you just need to get out of the house for a night or two. They offer electrical hookups, free wifi, free dump station, firewood on sight. The cost was $35 per night.

Installed led strip lights inside, love how we're able to change the colors.

Hanging out relaxing in the evening. Well it was 01:00.

We got a late start getting out of Anchorage and ended up rolling into Tolsona Park at around 2300, I really need to install a switch on the slide out beepers, I left the slides in that night so we didn't disturb anyone asleep. Looks a lot lighter out because of my phone. We got set up and sat out around the fire till the wee hours. Took the dog out the next morning for a walk about, the park is very nice, every camp spot is on the river and has 50/30/20 amp service/water/excellent wifi. We were able to pick up 5 tv channels in the morning so i could watch the news and have my morning coffee. The cost was $37 per night. Every camp sight is on the river.

Next afternoon we headed to Valdez to the KOA Park, stopped along the way to let the dog out and enjoy the scenery.

Thought I'd mention....

We pulled Thompson Pass up one side and down the other both ways and never dropped below 55 mph and the V10 was at 4000 rpm.

I am very impressed with the SCT Tuner, I love being able to set the cruise control for 60 or 65 and just go.

Relaxing at the Valdez KOA

It was pouring down rain and we hardly saw a soul LOL

Labor Day Weekend 2020 in Whittier

So we decided to wing it and take a chance on going to Whittier on Labor Day Weekend. To our surprise there really wasn't many campers there. We found our spot and set up, then realized we still needed to pay the $20 fee for camping. To my surprise the have an App you can use and pay online, their website or lack of website says nothing about this. GCI and ATT both have excellent service there so we were able to make use of the cell network for internet and tv access. I did a scan for local over the air channels and got nothing, that was weird, shoot even up in Tolsona and Healy we picked up at least 4 tv channels, and Whittier is only an hour out of Anchorage. We had beautiful sunshine all day on Saturday and a beautiful sky in the evening. Local campers down by the ocean had an awesome display of fireworks going on.As chilly as it gets in the evening now (40f) there were still quite a few tents. Looking forward to going back again soon. It was $22 for our RV to go through the tunnel round trip and a $20 to camp with no services other than firepits and restrooms.

Someone had a bad day

Beautiful sky when the sun went down

Waiting to get out of Whittier